Tuesday night rantish


Goodbye Robert Hughes, rush hour tube, shoving, elbowing, other people, barging ahead; then slowing down, crowds, Morrissey posturing, Timesheets, Olympic-themed ads for bourbon, overdrafts, Fifty Shades of Fucking Grey, cans rolling down escalators, last minute door-shovers, tutting, fully-open-paper-readers in crowded carriages, Anna Meares, backpack wearers leaving them on, then jiggling around, fellow commuters not making space for baby slings, seat-baggers, book leaners, platform position takers, losing pages, losing track, rushing, rushing, rushing, computerised cold-calling, same faces, Mad Men season Five Box set not being out until October, stamping, moaning, being tetchy, TV remotes, big-boned Aussie’s leaning in to force Brits into penalty incurring evasive action…


Big hearted Aussie art critics opening eyes to modern art, Laura Trott, Chris Hoy, Curiosity on Mars, local libraries, London Plane trees, Charlie Brooker suspending cynicism, books on Samuel Palmer arriving & the wife who blags them for you, Bolt’s arrows, Horseys, Horseys moving sideways, pole-vaulting disappointments followed by proposals, same faces, giggling passengers, Paul Kingsnorth’s battle against the bland, grinning toddlers, hugging brothers, other people, Museum visits, the BBC, coming home.

One thought on “Tuesday night rantish

  1. Love this. I agree with so many of the grumbles. Especially ‘Platform position takers’, they really get to me. There’s only one thing worse; platform position takers that get it wrong then barge in front of the people that by good fortune have. Grrrrrr.


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