Visual inspiration from The Mag

A writing challenge to start the year with. The picture below was posted on – the idea is to write a poem or vignette inspired by it and share it. Mine is below. You can read the others at The Mag – link above.

Running on empty

River, were you here before the woods?
Or painted in after the event?
Mirror stillness wheeled in to reflect
Attention beyond your frame of reference

Is there anything beneath your surface?
Maybe you’re all surface?
Hello…Hello…Hell No,
No ripples on your vacant face

Are you really that superficial?
Or don’t you like the questioning tone?
Meandering these unnatural woods
In your shallow silvered glory

Well that’s fine then, let’s end it with the trees
Deceptive in their feathery imperfection
Unmoved by the cries of voiceless creatures
Unseen in their imagined print cages

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