Poems from booktitles

Just entered a Guardian blog challenge to try to make poems from book titles.

My effort’s below.

Here’s the link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2011/oct/06/compose-a-poem-from-book-titles

The Poetry of book titles

As I walked out one midsummer morning
Neither here nor there
Dreams of leaving
Linger awhile

Landscape and memory,
Like water for chocolate,
Different Seasons
Clinging to the wreckage

Twenty Thousand Streets under the sky
Soft City,Edgelands
The Bones of Avalon

Exit Music,
To the River,
When Saturday Comes –
The Long Goodbye

Authors: Laurie Lee/Bill Bryson/Rupert Thomson/Rusell Hoban
Simon Schama/Laura Esquivel/Stephen King/John Mortimer
Patrick Hamilton/Jonathan Raban/Paul Farley and Michael Symmons/Phil Rickman
Ian Rankin/Olivia Laing/Various/Raymond Chandler

Great fun – from an idea suggested by @kushti, who had spotted it in a blog by @Meandmybigmouth

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