Why I love Twitter

There’s a lot to put you off Twitter. People spreading hate. Bots pretending to be people spreading hate. People wanting to police the thoughts and comments of strangers. Attack mobs flaring up. Oversharing. Utter inanity and mundanity. I get why lots of people leave or never join in the first place.

But, there is also a lot to love. Fascinating links to follow up, decent caring people, who share interests, quotes, enthusiams, in photo and text.

Finding things like the link below. I love the way fascinating stuff you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise, turns up in your feed. It’s a bit like being in a large second-hand bookshop, not looking for anything in particular and then an unexpected book or two jump out at you. I love these unexpected turns, or interests pursued down the rabbit hole. Stuff like these never made plans for New York tappedcities.com/2011/07/13/the-new-york-city-that-never-was-part-iii-roadways-and-railways, which without Twitter, I’d never have seen or noticed.

If you can get past the mobs and braying, moaning and shouting, there are things in there, people in there worth following and liking. Plunge in.

Housing Works Bookstore 

Link here


Tweeted originally by @jamesgraham I saw it via @2000AD – some of the plans look like a Steampunk Mega-City prototype.

4 thoughts on “Why I love Twitter

  1. The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, back in the days when we spent hours in bookshops without a little voice saying “THAT THAT THAT” and grabbing handfuls of picture books : )


  2. You will have to explain Twitter to me when I next see you. I find it very confusing. But maybe it’s better that way, what with me having a tendency to develop addictions…

    I like the old maps in that article!


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