Wombwell Rainbow Book Interviews: Street Sailing by Matt Gilbert

Really enjoyed doing this interview about my new book Street Sailing with Paul. Some fascinating questions. I hope they provoked some interesting answers. I’d encourage other poets, writers to speak to Paul & put in an appearance on the treasure trove that is The Wombwell Rainbow.

The Wombwell Rainbow

Matt Gilbert

is a freelance copywriter, who also writes a blog at richlyevocative.net about place, books, poetry and other distractions. Originally from Bristol, he currently gets his fill of urban hills in South East London. He has had poems published by Atrium, Anthropocene, Finished Creatures and The Storms among others. His debut collection ‘Street Sailing’ with Black Bough Poetry is out now.

The Interview

Q:1. When and why did you start writing poetry?

In a sense I started twice. First at about 12. We were studying the Tempest at school and we could either write an essay, or try to write a character’s speech in blank verse. So, imagining I’d avoid work, I tried that and found it tricky, but surprisingly satisfying. Michael Rosen also visited my school in Bristol and I remember being taken aback to see that poetry could be fun. Around this time, I started writing angsty…

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