Street Sailing – my debut poetry book is now out

Chuffed to bits to have my first poetry book published by Black Bough Poetry.
Cover art by Ben Pearce

Find out more & buy a copy here

I’ll have some author copies soon, so if you’d rather buy the book direct from me (plus p&p) than via Amazon, let me know –

My local bookshop may take a few too, will post details when available.

If you just can’t wait, click the link above.


“Each poem in this outstanding collection exists in its own right…The blurring of reality and imagination transform everyday occurrences into a fascinating and sometimes threatening landscape where the mystical and the urbane meet. These poems are alive: they have a heart beat.”

Kitty Donnelly, author of In Dangerous Hours

“This is a debut that feels too polished to be a poet’s first outing: the deftest ringmastering of a circus of words, the keenest direction of a broad cast of characters, themes and ideas.”

Mark Antony Owen, author of Subruria I and Subruria II

“Each poem haunts the page with precise imagery and a linguistic dexterity that illuminates the mammoth talent held in this book…a tremendous addition to contemporary art and a courageous, sensitive embodiment of masculinity.”

Briony Collinsauthor of The Birds, The Rabbits, The Trees

​”a collection that fizzes with the poet’s powers of observation…this is a collection to savour, from a skilled poet who encourages us to go out into the world with our eyes wide open.” 

Jen Feroze, author of The Colour of Hope

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