A Veritable Bewilderment of Delights

I always feel a bit awkward about bigging-up my own writing on this blog, but I want someone to read the stuff, so for a bit of fun I’ve written an old 18th/19th century handbill style ad for Richly Evocative.

I love the erratic punctuation, font sizes and line breaks that you find on real historic examples, replete with their almost random call out lines and crazed overuse of exclamation marks. This fondness may stem from memories of handbill inspired wallpaper that once decorated me and my younger brother’s bedroom. The only line I remember simply read: Ancient Egyptian Mummy!

Below is the Richly Evocative version, set by Dave Tokley @davvathebutler. Enjoy it and please feel free to share. Everything mentioned on it refers to actual posts, or frequently referenced topics on the blog.



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